Try to perform fueled by positive emotions

8/17/20221 min read

You are at work, 6 pm, feeling really tired, sleepy, you just want the day to end. You get to your house, put your shorts on, grab a banana, and head to the football pitch. Suddenly all your tireness vanishes, you are an ATHLETE performing, you feel energized, engaged, really happy and sweaty.

Why is that? Because you are moving your body, you are enjoying yourself, blood flowing, no worries, you are doing what you like right now.

We should try to operate from positive emotion: You have an important meeting, nothing better than walking around the block, getting some sun, and thinking: What EMOTION do I want to bring to this interaction? This is a super skill. Few people do this. So you show up, you are energized because you´ve been walking around and listening to some good Buena Vista Social Club.

And you start doing that, in every important interaction, you bring POSITIVE EMOTION, you show up, energized, maybe you trained in the morning, maybe they ask you "how are you today?" and your answer is: About to have the best afternoon of my month. So you instantaneously brought high energy to the table, what will the other answer you? OF COURSE that she will tell you she is really happy too, you´ve just raised the bar!

That´s why it´s important to play with dogs when you see them, to ride a bike, to walk a lot, to train 4X per week, to enjoy your everyday because you want to become a dynamo of positive emotion, you are clear minded, you are energized, people want to interact with you, to spend time with you.

And you start enjoying every day, and that compounds. Like Belichik, after winning his 6th ring as a coach, when asked: "and now, what´s next?", "I would really enjoy a good practice tomorrow". What a deep answer, the guy lives for the process , for the everyday, he doesn´t live for the championship winning day. Let that sink in.