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What´s on your mind?

Now that´s a cool question.

On my mind I have some nuggets:

No boss is the new rich. And it´s happening a lot. Young pc wiz are doing it right! Living in cool 3rd world countries like Argentina, earning a USD salary, is dope (not there yet), will do it in 2023

Trainning is awesome. Use a calendar, when I don´t, lazyness says hello. And have a fun warming up, those are the key 4 minutes. After that, you are Usain Bolt in London, unstoppable. Still don´t know if I prefer a group or solo, depends on the group and the coach, and distance from gym!

Some skills that are great for life: laughing about yourself . Being happy with dogs. Kindness. Telling fun stories (not easy!). Empathy and gratitude, those are good skills. And humor, everything gets better with a huge laugh.

I love the thrill and human contact of selling. Read a guy who said he said he closed an 8 MM contract with a Russian guy just because they shared interest in a certain boat. If you are interesting and likeable, you make people have a good time, fortune favors you, people want to work with you.

Books: Felix Dennis book fucking incredible. Matthew Dicks on storytelling, GOOD. Nimsdai book about 14 peaks cool (badass!). Some books about energy managment and High Performance routines that were good. Winning by Tim Grover, awesome!

Paul Graham on one of his essays (didn´t read it yet), recommends taking 10X the time to choose what are you dedicating your life to. Seems a good tip. He chose computers so he could be a huge innovator or a teacher. Clever guy.

Bukowski is a great writer, fun as shit. Hard Knock life. A true rolling stone. Worked as a postman, a friend paid him usd 50 to write. He spent it on booze and horses. Fun guy.

Spotify and internet makes the world of music avaliable to you with no effort. Let that sink in. Not many years ago, you had to get the cd, go to your house, listen to that artist. Now you have an Alexandria of music in your hand. Can´t understand how did Led Zeppelin sound like a train with that old, shitty equipment? badass. Some classic things have IT.

Goals are really important, and a plan too. You set a really unachievable goal, and reverse towards the first steps. Low expectation. MJ wanted to be the best in his neighbourhood, then in his city, then in his state, then in the world. You go gradually. You do the work. You must do the right work. And trust yourself, have the confidence of a lion.

I should live in the now, ZEN style, with a clear vision of what we want in life, which are our most important values, what energizes us, the life we want to create, the people we want to spend more time with, the crazy things we want to do. So you live on the now, and your actions are following a giant thread that has congruence with what you want in life. And we should aim high, it´s fun, you lift people, you get to see your full potential, you help others to thrive.

Journaling in the morning, 3/5 things you are grateful for, POWERFUL habit.

Just wanted to start creating,

Tim Urban says "I write for 10.000 Tims", loved it.